SystemFlow at No Code Conf 2021

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SystemFlow at No Code Conf 2021
Matt Wierzbicki
Co-founder at SystemFlow
SystemFlow at No Code Conf 2021

Why do you need a design system and framework for Webflow? For the companies we work with, a well-built design system helps them reach the next level — becoming living organisms that anyone can contribute to and make use of. We took what we learned working with dozens of product, marketing, and design teams to develop a framework with 1,000+ classes and 100+ components and pages. With it, anyone can prototype, iterate, and launch ideas — even without prior Webflow knowledge.

In this session, we’ll show you all the Webflow and Figma techniques we use to approach a design system, utilize live documentation, and keep everything consistent and up-to-date. Each conclusion we make along the way will have a concise and practical how-to that will inspire you to create your own empowering design system.

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